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Top 10 Cisco Solutions Companies - 2022

The modern corporate world is a digitally growing juggernaut that is breaking new ground not only in terms of business, but also in terms of understanding modern customer needs and experiences. Cisco is at the forefront of this transformation, proactively collaborating with clients and partners to shape a world that is digitally connected, technologically prepared, and financially secure. Cisco is assisting consumers, organizations, and governments in accessing quality data in real time by facilitating innovative and advanced networking solutions meant to give great service experiences to clients.

Cisco assures faster deployment, operational efficiency, and security for its clients with its unique networking solutions and innovative networking equipment such as routers, switches, wireless systems, security systems, WAN, and acceleration hardware. Today, the corporation leads the path of current generation digital evolution, excelling across various different sectors such as mobility, security, communication, data centre, and cloud. Cisco has always been active in assisting its partners in exploring additional sectors as a technology partner and integration expert. The company's partners take advantage of the Cisco's unique knowledge and product range to help their businesses negotiate the emerging realms of cloud, IoT, big data, and machine learning, and to serve as technology enablers for their clients.

To help companies stay on top of the developments in the Cisco landscape, a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs and the editorial team of CIOReview Europe has shortlisted the most promising names from among the vast array of Cisco Solutions providers. These companies have showcased great innovation as well as technological prowess in the marketplace. We present to you the “10 Most Promising Cisco Solutions Providers in Europe 2022”.

    Top Cisco Solutions Companies

  • Evolve IP offers enterprise solutions, including unified communications, Desktop as a Service (DaaS), and contact centres to local and international clients to optimize productivity among their teams and serve customers swiftly. Evolve IP leverages best-of-breed, carrier-grade solutions while collaborating with Cisco and Microsoft to deliver natively integrated United Communications as a Service (UCaaS) which routes calls to ensure they get answered every time.


  • Island Networks is a premier partner of Cisco and a provider of innovative IT services, specializing in delivering cloud and converged IT infrastructure solutions. The company empowers businesses to improve their agility at lower capital costs by implementing quintessential IT solutions that critically address their challenges. The company is a leading provider of FlexPod, an integrated, well-tested, and validated data center infrastructure developed by Cisco and NetApp. Based in Dublin, Island Networks has offices in USA and Singapore as well


  • Knowledge Club lays the building blocks for individuals to gain mastery over Cisco systems by delivering flexible learning services in five different languages through with 17 Cisco Certified System Instructors. The company’s foundation is rooted in DevOps and automation philosophy to help clients’ better grasp network orchestration and artificial intelligence, which leads to enhanced and maintained automation processes for a better future.


  • Bucher + Suter

    Bucher + Suter

    Bucher + Suter’s CRM and enterprise application connectors have been awarded several times by technology leaders such as Cisco and Salesforce. The company offers seamless CRM integrations between Cisco and Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, ServiceNow, and many more. With offices in Switzerland, Germany, and the USA, the company has an international presence. More than 400 customers in over 60 countries around the world appreciate its services. Currently, around 130,000 contact center agents are working with its smart Cisco Contact Center solutions



    IPDATA is the trusted supplier of several international organizations and is truly committed to security in its activity, its clients, and its partners or interest groups. The company helps its clients transform and evolve their telecommunications to a higher level of security, agility, and efficiency. IPDATA offers integrated security solutions as well as support and constant support to IT departments. IPDATA helps its clients integrate technology through a model based on flexible and personalized service

  • Miradot AB

    Miradot AB

    Miradot AB’s aim is to help businesses analyze their solution and planning, proceed with the implementation and ensure a higher return of investment. The company does this with profound technical knowledge, a good understanding of how IT fits into different businesses, and of course, a great passion for technology. Miradot AB’s point of view is that the technological maturity and knowledge of today means that in order to achieve goals, one has to pay more attention to why

  • Netteam


    Netteam is a specialist in all forms of network communication and network infrastructure and has a large number of companies and municipalities in the customer portfolio. Its consultants all have higher education in IT and networking. With Cisco as one of Its core competencies, the company has the right certifications. The company focus on business-critical demands for stability and uptime. Netteam's solutions are therefore all dimensioned based on current needs, but scalable so that the network can grow with the organization

  • QLS Quality Solutions AB

    QLS Quality Solutions AB

    QLS quality solution AB is a networking consultancy firm, specialized in designing and implementing next-gen wired and wireless solutions for companies that require reliable and high-performing networks. The company operates, supports, and creates communication and security solutions for companies with high demands on quality and function. The company was founded as early as 2001 by five people who early on realized the importance of stable and powerful network solutions as more and more business-critical functions moved to become digital. The goal and driving force then as now was and still is to deliver functional and secure solutions that are adapted to the customer's actual needs

  • Rtel World SA

    Rtel World SA

    RTEL World SA is a leading Greek Information and Communication Technologies service provider and software-systems developer. Its expertise covers solutions for the hospitality, business, health, and public sectors. The company was established in 1993 and the headquarters are based on the Island of Rhodes, Greece our Sales department is located in Athens, Greece. It is certified with a DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certificate and is a Cisco Advanced Wireless specialized Partner. RTEL designs, develops, and supports ICT solutions using state-of-the-art technology and there is expertise in advanced wired and wireless technology, unified communications, databases, management systems, e-business, e-collaboration, security etc

  • telisca


    telisca is a software company specializing in the field of Unified Communications for Cisco and Microsoft making use of IP telephony and softphone clients. The company offers around 25+ products for Cisco Collaboration and has an ever-growing portfolio of Microsoft Teams products. Being a Cisco and Microsoft partner allows it to test its solutions and verify that its products are fully compatible with these targeted platforms. Its products are distributed in EMEA, NA, APAC through a network of Cisco/Microsoft solutions integrators. telisca products are used today by over 500 customers worldwide

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